Kitāb al-Ghayba

Author: Shaykh Muḥammad b. al-Ḥasan al-Ṭūsī (d. 460 AH)
Translator: Sayyid Athar Husain S. H. Rizvi


1. Introduction

2. Discussion on occultation of Imam Mahdi(a.s)

3. First Principle: Necessity of Imamate

4. Second Principle: Infallibility of Imam

5. Third Principle: Truth will never leave the Islamic Ummah

6. Invalidity of Kaisaniyya creed

7. Refutation of Nawusiyya belief

8. Refutation of Waqifiya belief

9. Traditional reports about the martyrdom of Imam Kadhim

10. Clear declaration of Imam Kadhim about the Imamate of Imam Ridha

11. Evidence of the Imamate of Imam Musa Kadhim (a.s) and refutation of Waqifiya

12. Factors of appearance of Waqifi sect

13. Traditional reports in condemnation of Waqifites

14. Some miracles of Imam Ali Ibn Musa Ridha

15. Objections of the opponents with regard to the birth of Imam Mahdi (a.s)

16. Refutation of all sects, which believed in Imamate of someone other than Master of the Age (a.s)

17. Philosophy and wisdom of Occultation

18. What is the difference between a hidden Imam and an Imam who does not exist or one that exists in the heavens?

19. Application of Divine Penalties during the Occultation of Imam Mahdi (a.s)

20. Discerning truth during occultation of the Imam

21. Statement of Sayyid Murtadha (r.a)

22. Reason of occultation of the Imam from his followers

23. Concealed Birth of the Imam of the Time (a.s) was not an extraordinary event

24. Stories of people with long lifespans from Arabs and non-Arabs are famous and chronicled in books and history.

25. Reports of Ahle Sunnat that Imams are twelve in number

26. Shia traditional reports on the topic that Imams are twelve in number

27. Traditions of the Holy Imams on the occultation of Imam Mahdi

28. Traditional reports that confirm the uprising of Imam Mahdi

29. Mahdi is from the progeny of Ali and Fatima (a.s)

30. Mahdi is from the progeny of Imam Husain (a.s)

31. Refutation of Kaisaniya belief and account of the demise of Muhammad bin Hanfiyyah

32. Refutation of those who stopped at the Imamate of Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s) and said that he is the Promised Mahdi

33. Imamate of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s)

34. Evidence of the Birth of the Master of the Age

35. Reports of those who saw the Imam of the Time (a.s)

36. Miracles of the Master of the time during his Occultation

37. Epistles issued from Imam Mahdi (a.s)

38. Causes of delay in reappearance of the Master of the Affair

39. Test of Shia during the period of occultation of the Imam

40. Reports of the Emissaries of Imam (a.s) during the period of occultation

41. Approved Emissaries

42. Emissaries condemned by the Imam

43. Special Emissaries of the Imam during the Occultation

44. Questions of Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Ja’far Himyari

45. Excellence of Husain bin Rauh continued

46. Abul Hasan Ali bin Muhammad Saymoori

47. False claimants of deputyship of Imam who are also clearly condemned by the Imams

48. Appointees of the four special deputies of the Imam

49. Long lifespan of the Imam (a.s)

50. Time of reappearance of the Imam (a.s)

51. Signs preceding the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s)

52. Some Qualities, practices and manners of the Master of the Age (a.s)