Kitāb al-Ghayba > Excellence of Husain bin Rauh continued
Hadith #16

360- وقال في فصل آخر: ومن عظمت منته عليه تضاعفت الحجة عليه ولزمه الصدق فيما ساءه وسره وليس ينبغي فيما بيني وبين الله إلا الصدق عن أمره مع عظم جنايته وهذا الرجل منصوب لأمر من الأمور لا يسع العصابة العدول عنه فيه وحكم الإسلام مع ذلك جار عليه كجريه على غيره من المؤمنين وذكره.

H 360 - In another section, he says, “Someone upon whom the favors of God are great, many proofs bind him and he must speak the truth in what hurts and what pleases him. It is not permissible for me, between me and Allah, but to speak the truth about this man. This man is appointed to a duty from which the public are not allowed to turn away. The command of Islam applies to him like it was applied to other believers.”