Al-Amālī > The Ninety-Fourth Assembly, Dictated on Tuesday, the Seventeenth of Sha`ban, 368 AH in Holy Mashhad (Peace Be Upon its Inhabitant), When He Went to Houses Beyond the River
Hadith #16

16 - حدثنا الحسين بن أحمد البيهقي، قال: أخبرنا محمد بن يحيى الصولي، قال: حدثني هارون بن عبد الله المهلبي، قال: حدثنا دعبل بن علي الخزاعي، قال: جاءني خبر موت علي بن موسى الرضا (عليه السلام) وأنا مقيم بقم، فقلت قصيدتي الرائية هذه: أرى أمية معذورين إن قتلوا * * ولا أرى لبني العباس من عذر أولاد حرب ومروان وأسرتهم (5) * * بني معيط ولاة الحقد والوغر قوم قتلتم على الاسلام أولهم * * حتى إذا استمكنوا جازوا على الكفر إربع (1) بطوس على قبر الزكي به * * إن كنت تربع من دين على وطر قبران في طوس خير الناس كلهم * * وقبر شرهم هذا من العبر ما ينفع الرجس من قرب الزكي ولا * * على الزكي بقرب الرجس من ضرر هيهات كل امرئ رهن بما كسبت * * له (2) يداه فخذ ما شئت أو فذر (3)

Al-Husayn b. Ahmad al-Bayhaqi narrated to us. He said: Muhammad b. Yahya al-Suli informed us. He said: Harun b. `Abdullah al-Mahlabi narrated to me. He said: De`bal b. `Ali al-Khuza`i narrated to us. He said: When I was staying in Qum, the news of the death of `Ali b. Musa al-Rida (as) came to me. So, I said this visionary poem: I see that [Bani] Umayya are excused if they kill, But I see no excuse for Bani al-`Abbas. Sons of Harb, Marwan, and their kin, Bani Mu`it are the masters of hatred and grudges, The firsts of them were killed upon Islam, Once they came to power, they were able to disbelieve [again]. Head to Tus, to the grave of the pure, If you were there, you would find two graves in Tus, The best of all the people, and the grave of the worst of them. This is a lesson that impurity cannot benefit from nearness to purity, Nor can the pure be harmed by nearness to impurity. No way! Every soul will reap what its hands sow, So, harvest what you wish, or sow a seed.