Al-Amālī > The Ninety-Fourth Assembly, Dictated on Tuesday, the Seventeenth of Sha`ban, 368 AH in Holy Mashhad (Peace Be Upon its Inhabitant), When He Went to Houses Beyond the River
Hadith #13

13 - حدثنا أحمد بن علي (6) بن إبراهيم (رحمه الله)، قال: حدثنا أبي، عن ياسر، قال: لما ولي الرضا (عليه السلام) العهد سمعته وقد رفع يديه إلى السماء وقال: اللهم إنك تعلم أني مكره مضطر، فلا تؤاخذني كما لم تؤاخذ عبدك ونبيك يوسف حين دفع إلى ولاية مصر (1).

Ahmad b. `Ali b. Ibrahim (rh) narrated to us. He said: My father narrated to us from Yasir. He said: When al-Rida (as) became the crown prince, he raised his hands to the sky and I heard him say: O Allah! Surely, You know that I dislike and despair this. So, do not hold me accountable, just as You did not hold Your servant and prophet Yusuf accountable when he came into power in Egypt.