Al-Khiṣāl > Ten who Shall Not Enter Paradise
Hadith #2

10-23 حدثنا أبي، ومحمد بن الحسن رضي الله عنهما قالا: حدثنا أحمد بن إدريس ومحمد بن يحيى العطار جميعا، عن محمد بن أحمد بن يحيى بن عمران الاشعري قال: حدثني محمد بن الحسين بإسناد له يرفعه قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله: لا يدخل الجنة مدمن خمر، ولاسكير ولاعاق، ولا شديد السواد، ولاديوث، ولا قلاع وهو الشرطي، ولازنوق وهو الخنثى، ولا خيوف وهو النباش، ولا عشار، ولا قاطع رحم، ولا قدري. قال مصنف هذا الكتاب رضي الله عنه: يعني بشديد السواد الذي لا يبيض شيء من شعر رأسه ولا من شعر لحيته مع كبر السن ويسمى الغربيب

10-23 (The compiler of the book narrated) that his father and Muhammad ibn al-Hassan - may God be pleased with them - narrated that Ahmad ibn Idris and Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Attar quoted Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Yahya ibn Imran al-Ash’ari, on the authority of Muhammad ibn al-Hussein who linked it up through a chain of narrators to God’s Prophet (MGB), “The Honorable the Exalted God created Paradise from two adobes: a golden adobe and a silver one. He created the walls from ruby, the ceiling from chrysolite, and the pebbles from pearl, and its soil from with saffron and a very good-smelling musk. Then God ordered it to speak. Hence Paradise said, ‘There is no god but You. You are the Everlasting the Eternal. He who enters me will surely be blessed.’ The Honorable the Exalted God then said, ‘I swear by My Glory and Majesty that the alcoholics; the haughty ones; the tale-bearers; those whose hair never turns grey or white; the pimps; the detectives; the effeminate ; those who steal the shroud from the corpse; the tithers ; those who disregard their relatives; and the Qadarites. ’”