Al-Amālī > The Sixtieth Assembly, the Assembly of Tuesday, the Twenty-Second of the Month of Rabi` al-Akhir, 368 AH.
Hadith #2

2 - حدثنا محمد بن موسى بن المتوكل (رضي الله عنه)، قال: حدثنا علي بن إبراهيم بن هاشم، عن أبيه، عن الحسن بن علي بن يقطين، عن أخيه الحسين، عن أبيه علي بن يقطين، قال: رفع (2) الخبر إلى موسى بن جعفر (عليهما السلام)، وعنده جماعة من أهل بيته، بما عزم عليه موسى بن المهدي في أمره، فقال لاهل بيته: ما تشيرون؟ قالوا: نرى أن تتباعد عن هذا الرجل، وأن تغيب شخصك منه، فإنه لا يؤمن شره. فتبسم أبو الحسن (عليه السلام)، ثم قال: زعمت سخينة أن ستغلب ربها * * وليغلبن مغالب الغلاب (3) ثم رفع (عليه السلام) يده إلى السماء، فقال: إلهي، كم من عدو شحذ لي ظبة مديته (4)، وأرهف لي سنان حده، وداف لي قواتل سمومه، ولم تنم عني عين حراسته، فلما رأيت ضعفي عن احتمال الفوادح، وعجزي عن ملمات الجوائح (5)، صرفت ذلك عني بحولك وقوتك لا بحولي ولا بقوتي، فألقيته في الحفير الذي احتفره لي، خائبا مما أمله في دنياه، متباعدا مما رجاه في آخرته، فلك الحمد على ذلك قدر استحقاقك. سيدي اللهم فخذه بعزتك، وافلل حده عني بقدرتك، واجعل له شغلا فيما يليه، وعجزا عمن يناويه، اللهم وأعدني عليه عدوى (6) حاضرة، تكون من غيظي شفاء، ومن حقي عليه وفاء (1)، وصل اللهم دعائي بالاجابة، وانظم شكاتي بالتغيير، وعرفه عما قليل ما وعدت الظالمين، وعرفني ما وعدت في إجابة المضطرين، إنك ذو الفضل العظيم والمن الكريم. قال: ثم تفرق القوم، فما اجتمعوا إلا لقراءة الكتاب الوارد بموت موسى بن المهدي (2).

Muhammad b. Musa b. al-Mutawakkil (ra) narrated to us. He said: `Ali b. Ibrahim b. Hashim narrated to us from his father from al-Hasan b. `Ali b. Yaqtin from his brother al-Husayn from his father `Ali b. Yaqtin. He said: The news came to Musa b. Ja`far (as) while he was with a group of his family that a plot by Musa b. al-Mahdi (the brother of Harun al-Rashid) was made against him. So, he said to his family: What do you think? They said: We believe that you should avoid this man and that you should hide yourself from him, for one cannot be safe from his evil. So, Abu’l Hasan (as) smiled and recited [a poem of Ka`b b. Malik]: Sakhina (Quraysh) thought that she could defeat her master, but the victors can be defeated. Then, he (as) raised his hand to the sky and said: My God! How many enemies sharpen their daggers for me, and pour deadly poison for me, with no eye sleeping away from me, watching? When You saw my weakness in withstanding calamity and my inability to act in poverty, You diverted all that from me by Your ability and Your power, not by my ability nor my power. You threw them in the ditch that they had dug out for me, as they are let down from what they hoped for in this world and are divergent from what they hoped for in the Hereafter. So, praise be to You – as much as You have the right to it – for this [blessing]. My Master, O Allah! Seize him, by Your glory, and make his dagger against me dull, by Your power. Make him busy running his own affairs and incapacitate him against his enemies. O Allah! Assist me against him now, so that it may be a remedy for my rage, and so that it may be a fulfillment of my right against him. O Allah! Connect my prayer with its acceptance and rearrange my complaints to [You] with change. Acquaint him with some of what You have promised the oppressors and acquaint me with the answer that You have promised the desperate. Surely, You are of great nobility and of benevolent blessing. He said: Then, he split away from the people. They were not reunited until the obituary of Musa b. al-Mahdi was read out [soon after that].