Muʿjam al-Aḥādīth al-Muʿtabara > Umm Salama
Hadith #1


1. There will come in the chapter about the wives of the prophet narrations pertaining to Umm Salama, the mother of the believers. It is said that she was the best of his wives after Khadija. It is sufficient honour for her that al-Husayn deposited with her the testament and the books before heading out to Iraq, saying to her: ‘when the eldest of my sons comes to you then hand over what I gave you to him’. When al-Husayn was martyred, Ali b. al-Husayn came to Umm Salama and she handed over to him all that which al-Husayn had given her [as will come in its relevant section].Know also that the one who studies this encyclopedia may come across the names of a number of narrators [and narrations which concern their status either directly or indirectly] which have not been included in this ‘book of narrators’, thus we do not claim to have been totally comprehensive - and it is only Allah who facilitates and to Him is the return.It will also come about Umm Ayman that she is from the inhabitants of Janna.