Maʿānī al-ʾAkhbār > The chapter of the meaning of what has been narrated with regards to that a woman has no equal, neither for her good, nor for her bad
Hadith #1

حدثنا أبي - رحمه الله - قال: حدثنا محمد بن أبي القاسم ماجيلويه، عن محمد بن علي الكوفي، عن عثمان بن عيسى، عن عبد الله بن سنان، عن بعض أصحابنا، قال: سمعت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام يقول: إنما المرأة قلادة فانظر ما تتقلد وليس لامرأة خطر لا لصالحتهن ولا لطالحتهن، وأما صالحتهن فليس خطرها الذهب والفضة، هي خير من الذهب و الفضة: وأما طالحتهن فليس خطرها التراب، التراب خير منها.

1. We were told by my father, may Allah grant him mercy, that he said: We were told by Muhammed bin Abi’l-Qasim Majilawayh, from Muhammed bin Ali al-Kufi, from Uthman bin Isa, from Abdullah bin Sinan, from some of our companions, that he said: I heard Abu Abdillah, peace be upon him, say: The woman is only (like) a necklace, hence, look at what you place around your neck. A woman has no equal, neither for her good, nor for her bad. As for her good, her equal is not gold and silver; she is better than gold and silver. As for her bad, her equal is not sand; sand is better than her.