Rijāl Ibn al-Ghaḍā'irī > ʿUmāra b. Zayd, al-Khaywānī, al-Madanī
Hadith #1

14 - عمارة بن زيد، الخيواني، المدني، حليف الأنصار، وهذا نسبه على ما زعمه عبد الله بن محمد البلوي المصري فإنه لا يعرف إلا من جهته. وقد سئل عبد الله عنه، فقيل له: من عمارة هذا الذي تروي عنه؟ فقال: رجل نزل من السماء، فحدثني، ثم عرج. وأصحابنا يقولون: إن اسمه ما تحته أحد. وكل ما يرويه كذب، والكذب بين في وجه حديثه.

14 – ʿUmāra b. Zayd, al-Khaywānī, al-Madanī, ally of the Anṣār, and this lineage of his is what ʿAbdullāh b. Muḥammad al-Balawī al-Miṣrī claimed about it, so it is not known except from his direction. ʿAbdullāh was asked about him, so it was said to him: Who is ʿUmāra, this one that you narrate from? He said: A man who descended from the sky (or: Heaven), he narrated to me, then he ascended. Our companions say: Indeed there is no one under this name. All that he narrates is a lie. The lie is clear in the face of his ḥadīth.