Al-Amālī > ‘Ali (as) forbade initiating the battle
Hadith #1

3 - قال: أخبرني أبو الحسن علي بن خالد المراغي القلانسي قال: حدثنا أبو القاسم الحسن بن علي بن الحسن قال: حدثنا جعفر بن محمد بن مروان قال: حدثنا أبي قال: حدثنا إسحاق بن يزيد قال: حدثنا خالد بن مختار قال: حدثنا الأعمش، عن حبة العرني قال: سمعت حذيفة بن اليمان قبل أن يقتل عثمان بن عفان بسنة وهو يقول: كأني بأمكم الحميراء قد سارت يساق بها على جمل وأنتم آخذون بالشوى والذنب، معها الأزد أدخلهم الله النار، وأنصارها بنوضبة جد الله أقدامهم. قال: فلما كان يوم الجمل وبرز الناس بعضهم لبعض نادى منادي أمير المؤمنين صلوات الله عليه: لا يبدأن أحد منكم بقتال حتى آمركم . قال: فرموا فينا: فقلنا: يا أمير المؤمنين قد رمينا، فقال: كفوا، ثم رمونا فقتلوا منا، قلنا يا أمير المؤمنين قد قتلونا، فقال: احملوا على بركة الله. قال: فحملنا عليهم فأنشب بعضنا في بعض الرماح حتى لو مشي ماش لمشي عليها، ثم نادي منادي علي عليه السلام: عليكم بالسيوف فجعلنا نضرب بها البيض فتنبوا لنا، فنادى منادي أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام: عليكم بالأقدام. قال: فما رأينا يوما كان أكثر قطع أقدام منه. قال: فذكرت حديث حذيفة " أنصارها بنو ضبة جد الله أقدامهم " فعلمت أنها دعوة مستجابة. ثم نادى منادي أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام: عليكم بالبعير فإنه شيطان. قال: فعقره رجل برمحه، وقطع إحدى يديه رجل آخر فبرك ورغا وصاحت عائشة صيحة شديدة، فولى الناس منهزمين، فنادى منادي أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام: لا تجيزوا على جريح ، ولا تتبعوا مدبرا، ومن أغلق بابه فهو آمن، ومن ألقى سلاحه فهو آمن.

3. He said: Abul Hasan ‘Ali ibn Khalid al-Maraghi al-Qalanisi reported to me from Abul Qasim al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali ibn al-Hasan, who reported from Ja’far ibn Muhammad ibn Marwan who reported from his father, who reported from Ishaq ibn Yazid, who reported from Khalid ibn Mukhtar, who reported from al-A’amash from Habbah alArani, who said: I heard Hudhaifa ibn al-Yaman a year before Uthman ibn Affan was killed, saying: "As if I see your mother al-Humayra (i.e. Ayesha) on an expedition, being led on a camel, and you all clinging to the camel’s flank and tail. She is with the people of Azd (a tribe) and is supported by Banu Dhabbah; may Allah sever their feet." Then he said: When the battle of Jamal (the Camel) took place, and people prepared to confront each other, an announcer announced on behalf of Amirul Mu’mineen, peace be upon him, saying: "No one of you shall initiate the fight without my orders." Then they arrived: their arrows and hit us. We said: "O Amirul Mu’mineen, we have been hit." He said: "Withhold." Then again, they hit us and killed some of us. We said: "O Amirul Mon’mineen, we have been killed." So he said: "Attack! With the blessing of Allah." He said: We attached our raised lances and spears to each others’, so close, that if someone were to walk, he could walk over them. Then ‘Ali (A.S.) announced: "Take to the swords." So we began to strike at their helmets but our swords bounced off. Then Amirul Mu’mineen said: "Aim at the feet." He said: We have never seen so many feet chopped off on any one day. Then I remembered the narration of Hudhaifa when he mentioned Banu Dhabbah as her helpers, saying "may Allah sever their feet." I knew that it was a prayer, which had been answered. Then Amirul Mu’mineen announced: "Proceed towards the camel for it is surely Satan." One soldier wounded the camel with his spear, and another one cut off its hand, so it fell to the ground with foam spurring from its mouth. Then Ayesha uttered a loud cry and her people turned back defeated. So, Amirul Mu’mineen announced: "Do not attack those who are fallen with wounds, and do not chase those who have fled. And whoever shuts his door, he shall be in peace. And whoever lays down his arms he shall be in peace."