Al-Amālī > Kindness to father
Hadith #1

20 - وبالإسناد الأول عن علي بن مهزيار، عن بكر بن صالح قال: كتب صهر لي إلى أبي جعفر الثاني صلوات الله عليه: إن أبي ناصب خبيث - الرأي، وقد لقيت منه شدة وجهدا، فرأيك - جعلت فداك - في الدعاء لي، وما ترى - جعلت فداك -؟ أفترى أن أكاشفه أم أداريه؟ فكتب عليه السلام: قد فهمت كتابك وما ذكرت من أمر أبيك، ولست أدع الدعاء لك إن شاء الله، والمداراة خير لك من المكاشفة، ومع العسر يسر، فاصبر فإن العاقبة للمتقين. ثبتك الله على ولاية من توليت، نحن وأنتم في وديعة الله الذي لا تضيع ودائعه. قال بكر: فعطف الله بقلب أبيه [عليه] حتى صار لا يخالفه في شئ.

20. And with the preceding chains of narration, from ‘Ali ibn Mahzyar, from Bakr ibn Swaleh who said: My son-in-law wrote to Abu Ja’far the second Imam Muhammad Taqi (as), peace be upon him, that: "My father is a Nasibi and has wretched views about Ahlul Bayt. And I have experienced a lot of hardship and pressure from him. I write to request for special prayers for me, may I be your ransom, and to advise me what should be my line of action. Should I confront him or comply with his whims?" He, peace be upon him, wrote back: "I have understood your letter and what you have mentioned about your father. God willing, I shall never forget you in my prayers. And it is better to be compliant rather than resorting to open confrontation. For with every hardship, there is ease. Be patient, for the end result is always in favour of those who are mindful of duties towards Allah. May Allah keep you firm on the path of those who you have accepted as the authority. You and we are all entrusted in the care of Allah, and with Him, no trust is lost!" Bakr said: Then Allah caused a change of heart in his father, so that he in turn became compliant to the son.