ʿUyūn akhbār al-Riḍā - Volume 1 > Foreword
Hadith #1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله الواحد القهار، العزيز الجبار، الرحيم الغفار، فاطر الأرض والسماء، خالق الظلمة والضياء، مقدر الأزمنة والدهور، مدبر الأسباب والأمور، باعث من في القبور المطلع ما ظهر واستتر، العالم بما سلف وغبر، الذي له المنة والطول والقوة والحول أحمده على كل الأحوال وأستهديه لافضل الأعمال وأعوذ به من الغي والضلال، واشكره شكرا استوجب به المزيد واستنجز به المواعيد وأستعينه على ما ينجى من الهلكة والوعيد واشهد لا اله إلا الله الأول فلا يوصف بابتداء والاخر يوصف بانتهاء الها يدوم ويبقى ويعلم السر واخفى وأشهد أن محمدا عبده المكين ورسوله الأمين المعروف بالطاعة المنتجب للشفاعة فإنه أرسله لإقامة العوج وبعثه لنصب الحجج ليكون رحمه للمؤمنين وحجه على الكافرين ومؤيدا بالملائكة المسومين حتى أظهر دين الله على كره المشركين صلى الله وآله الطيبين واشهد ان علي بن أبي طالب أمير المؤمنين ومولى المسلمين وخليفة رسول العالمين واشهد ان الأئمة من ولده حجج الله إلى يوم الدين وورثه علم النبيين صلوات الله ورحمته وسلامه وبركاته عليهم أجمعين.

In the name of Allah, the [Most] Beneficent, the [Most] Merciful, All praise be to Allah, the One, the Almighty, the Honorable, the Powerful, the Merciful, the Forgiver, the Originator of the Earth and Heavens, the Creator of darkness and light, the Determiner of time and age, the Organiser of the causes and the affairs, the Resurrector of the ones in the grave, the Informed [One] of what’s apparent and hidden, [The] Knowing of what has preceded and become dusty, the one that has [all] grace and [all] authority, and [all] power and [all] capability. I praise Him in all situations and I request guidance for the best of deeds, and I seek refuge in him from sin and deviation. I thank him a thanking that is demanded by the Increaser, and the one that appointments are accomplished by. And I seek help through Him by what makes one successful from the perishment and the menace. And I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah, the First who is not described as having a beginning, and the Last who is not described as having an end. A God that continues [to exist], and remains, and knows what is secret and what is further hidden. And I bear witness that Muḥammad ﷺ is His fervent slave and His trustworthy Messenger, known by his obedience, of noble birth [chosen] for intercession. For indeed He sent him to establish [justice] over the crooked, and He sent him to place the Proofs so that he can be a mercy for the believers, and an evidence over the disbelievers, and supported by the Angels with distinct marks until the religion of Allah has been made apparent even if the polytheists were to hate it. May Allah’s blessings be upon him and his good progeny, and I bear witness that ‛Alī b. Abī Tālib is the Commander of the Faithful and the Leader of the Muslims and the Caliph [following] the Messenger of the Worlds, and I bear witness that the Imams from his offspring are Proofs of Allah until the Day of Recompense and the inheritors of the Prophets’ knowledge, May Allah’s blessings, mercy, peace and grace be upon them all.