Al-Khiṣāl > The Five Forms of Fear
Hadith #1

5-28 خوف، وخشية، ووجل، ورهبة، وهيبة. فالخوف للعاصين، والخشية للعالمين والوجل للمخبتين، والرهبة للعابدين، والهيبة للعارفين. أما الخوف فلاجل الذنوب قال الله عز وجل: "وَلِمَنْ خَافَ مَقَامَ رَبِّهِ جَنَّتَانِ ".والخشية لاجل رؤية التقصير، قال الله عز وجل: "إِنَّمَا يَخْشَى اللَّهَ مِنْ عِبَادِهِ الْعُلَمَاءُ".وأما الوجل فلاجل ترك الخدمة، قال الله عز وجل: "الَّذِينَ إِذَا ذُكِرَ اللَّهُ وَجِلَتْ قُلُوبُهُمْ." والرهبة لرؤية التقصير، قال الله عز وجل: "وَيَدْعُونَنَا رَغَبًا وَرَهَبًا." والهيبة لاجل شهادة الحق عند كشف الاسرار أسرار العارفين قال الله عز وجل: "وَيُحَذِّرُكُمْ اللَّهُ نَفْسَهُ" يشير إلى هذا المعنىوروي عن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله أنه كان إذا صلى سمع لصدره أزيز كأزيز المرجل من الهيبة. حدثنا بذلك أبو [محمد] عبد الله بن حامد رفعه إلى بعض الصالحين عليهم السلام

5-28 There are five types of fear: ‘fear’; ‘truly fear’; ‘Feeling a tremor in one’s heart’; ‘Reverence’; ‘Awesomeness.’ Fear is for those who commit sins. ‘Truly fearing’ is for the knowledgeable ones. ‘Feeling a tremor in one’s heart’ is for those inclined to God. ‘Reverence’ is for the worshippers and ‘Awesomeness’ is for the learned ones. Regarding fear, the Honorable the Exalted God says, ‘But for such as fear the time when they will stand before (the Judgment Seat of) their Lord, there will be two Gardens.’‘Truly fear’ refers to the fact that they consider themselves to be at fault as the Honorable the Exalted God says, ‘Those truly fear God, among His Servants, who have knowledge:…’‘Feeling a tremor in one’s heart’ is for when one has not been of enough service as the Honorable the Exalted God says, ‘… those who, when God is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts,…’‘Reverence’ implies that one sees himself to be at fault as the Honorable the Exalted God says, ‘… they used to call on Us with love and reverence,…’‘Awesomeness’ is for witnessing the truth when God’s secrets are clarified and found out from the hearts of the learned ones. And what the Honorable the Exalted God said, ‘…But God cautions you (to remember) Himself…’ also refers to this point.It has been narrated that the Prophet’s heart could be heard that sounded like the boiling of a pan due to God’s fear when he (MGB) prayed. Abu Muhammad Abdullah ibn Hamed has also cited a similar narration which he has linked up through a chain of narrators to some of the good-doers.