Al-Khiṣāl > The Three Signs
Hadith #1

3-113 حدثنا أبي رضي الله عنه قال: حدثنا سعد بن عبد الله قال: حدثني القاسم بن محمد، عن سليمان بن داود قال: حدثني حماد بن عيسى، عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال: قال لقمان لابنه: يا بني لكل شيء علامة يعرف بها ويشهد عليها، وإن للدين ثلاث علامات: العلم والايمان والعمل به، وللايمان ثلاث علامات: الايمان بالله وكتبه ورسله. وللعالم ثلاث علامات: العلم بالله وبما يحب وبما يكره، وللعامل ثلاث علامات: الصلاة والصيام والزكاة، وللمتكلف ثلاث علامات: ينازع من فوقه، ويقول مالا يعلم ويتعاطى ما لا ينال وللظالم ثلاث علامات: يظلم من فوقه بالمعصية ومن دونه بالغلبة ويعين الظلمة. وللمنافق ثلاث علامات: يخالف لسانه قلبه، وقلبه فعله، وعلانيته سريرته. وللاثم ثلاث علامات: يخون، ويكذب، ويخالف ما يقول: وللمرائي ثلاث علامات: يكسل إذا كان وحده، وينشط إذا كان الناس عنده، ويتعرض في كل أمر للمحمدة.وللحاسد ثلاث علامات: يغتاب إذا غاب، ويتملق إذا شهد، ويشمت بالمصيبة. وللمسرف ثلاث علامات: يشتري ماليس له، ويلبس ماليس له، ويأكل ما ليس له. وللكسلان ثلاث علامات: يتواني حتى يفرط ويفرط حتى يضيع ويضيع حتى يأثم. وللغافل ثلاث علامات: السهو واللهو والنسيان.قال حماد بن عيسى: قال أبوعبد الله عليه السلام: ولكل واحدة من هذه العلامات شعب يبلغ العالم بها أكثر من ألف باب وألف باب وألف باب، فكن يا حماد طالبا للعلم في آناء الليل وأطراف النهار فان أردت أن تقر عينك وتنال خير الدنيا والآخرة فاقطع الطمع مما في أيدي الناس وعد نفسك في الموتى ولا تحدثن نفسك إنك فوق أحد من الناس واخزن لسانك كما تخزن مالك

3-113 (The compiler of the book narrated) that his father - may God be pleased with him - narrated that Sa’ed ibn Abdullah quoted on the authority of Al-Qasim ibn Muhammad, on the authority of Suleiman ibn Davood, on the authority of Hammad ibn Isa that Aba Abdullah as-Sadiq (MGB) narrated that Luqman told his son, “O my son! There are signs for everything by which they are known and which indicate those things. There are three signs for religion which are knowledge, faith and acting accordingly. There are three signs for knowledge which are knowledge of God, knowledge of what God likes and what God disapproves of. There are three signs for faith which are faith in God, His Book and His Messenger. There are also three signs for acting accordingly which are praying, fasting and paying the alms-tax. There are three signs for one who is a show-off which are quarrelling with ones who are better; speaking out of ignorance; and seeking what is extremely hard to find. There are three signs for the oppressor which are oppressively harming those who are superior; being forceful with those who are inferior; and helping those who are oppressors. There are three signs for the corrupt which are constant disagreement between what he says and what is in his heart; constant disagreement between his heart and his deeds; and constant disagreement between his outward appearance and his inward thoughts. There are three signs for the sinner which are he is treacherous, he lies and he acts opposite to what he says. There are three signs for the show-off which are he is lazy, but he acts as if he is steadfast in public and he always seeks to be praised.There are three signs for the haughty which are he blames others in their absence; he boastfully praises others in front of them; and he blames the events which bring about calamities. There are three signs for the wasteful which are he buys what he doesn’t deserve to have; he wears what he doesn’t deserve to wear; and he eats what he doesn’t deserve to eat. There are three signs for the lazy which are he is so sluggish that he starts to commit criminal acts; he has shortcomings that lead him to being ungrateful; and he wastes things so much that he becomes a criminal. There are three signs for the ignorant which are inattentiveness, playfulness and forgetfulness.” Hammad ibn Isa added that Aba Abdullah as-Sadiq (MGB) said, “For each of these signs there are more than a thousand indications. O Himad! Seek knowledge during the day and the night. Stop being greedy for what others possess, if you wish to be able to see the good in this world and attain the Eternal Abode. Consider yourself to be amongst the dead. Do not consider yourself to be superior to anyone else. Keep your mouth shut and keep your aspirations to yourself.”