Muʿjam al-Aḥādīth al-Muʿtabara > Muhammad b. Muslim al-Thaqafi and Abu Kurayba
Hadith #2

[2/256] رجال الكشي: حمدويه بن نصير، عن محمد بن عيسى، عن الحسن بن علي بن فضال، عن عبد الله بن بكير، عن زرارة قال: شهد أبو كريبة الأزدي و محمد بن مسلم الثقفي عند شريك بشهادة و هو قاض، فنظر في وجوههما مليا ثم قال جعفريان فاطميان فبكيا، فقال لهما ما يبكيكما قالا له نسبتنا إلى أقوام لا يرضون بأمثالنا أن يكونوا من إخوانهم لما يرون من سخف ورعنا، و نسبتنا إلى رجل لا يرضى بأمثالنا أن يكونوا من شيعته، فإن تفضل و قبلنا فله المن علينا و الفضل، فتبسم شريك، ثم قال إذا كانت الرجال فلتكن أمثالكم، يا وليد أجزهما هذه المرة (ولا یعودا ثانیة) قال فحججنا فخبرنا أبا عبد الله عليه السلام بالقصة فقال ما لشريك شركه الله يوم القيامة بشراكين من نار

2. [2/176] Rijal al-Kashshi: Hamduwayh b. Nusayr from Muhammad b. Isa from al-Hasan b. Ali b. Fadhal from Abdallah b. Bukayr from Zurara who said: Abu Kurayba al-Azdi and Muhammad b. Muslim al-Thaqafi gave witness in the presence of Sharik while he was the judge [of Kufa]. He [Sharik] looked at their faces for a moment and then said: two Ja’faris and Fatimis! so they began crying. He said: What makes you cry? They said to him: You have attributed us to a group who are not pleased with the likes of us being counted among their fellows because of what they see of the deficiency in our worship, and you have attributed us to a man [Ja’far] who is not pleased that the likes of us be associated among his Shia [followers], but if he [Ja’far] does us a favour and accepts us then he has our gratitude. Sharik smiled and said: If there be men then they should be like you. O slave – permit them this time around [accept their witness] but not next time. They said: We made the pilgrimage [in its season] and recounted to Abu Abdillah عليه السلام the incident so he said: What is with Sharik!? May Allah partner him up [lace him up] with two strips [lit. sandal laces] of fire on the day of judgement.