218. The reason due to which it is Prohibited to flee from the arm, and the adoption of the practices of the Pre-Islamic period Arabs after the Emigration - Hadith #1

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حدثنا علي بن أحمد بهذا الاسناد ان الرضا (ع) كتب إلى محمد بن سنان حرم سباع الطير والوحش كلها، لاكلها من الجيف ولحوم الناس والعذرة وما اشبه ذلك، فجعل الله عزوجل دلائل ما أحل من الوحش والطير وما حرم كما قال أبي عليه السلام كل ذي ناب من السباع، وذي مخلب من الطير حرام، وكل ما كان له قانصة من الطير فحلال، وعلة أخرى تفرق بين ما أحل من الطير وما حرم قوله كل ما دف ولا تأكل كل ما صف وحرم الارانب لانها بمنزلة السنور ولها مخالب كمخالب السنور وسباع الوحش، فجرت مجريها في قذرها في نفسها وما يكون منها من الدم كما يكون من النساء لانها مسخ.

1. Ali Bin Ahmad narrated to us by this chain, (It has been narrated) that Al-Ridha (a.s.) wrote to Muhammad Bin Sinan: ‘Forbidden are the predatory birds and the wild animals (to eat), all of them, for they eat from the carcass, and flesh of the people, and what resembles that. So, Allah Mighty and Majestic Made evident what is Permissible from the wild animals and the birds and what is Prohibited, just as my (a.s.) father (a.s.) said: ‘Everything with canines from the predators, and with claws from the birds, is forbidden, and whatever has a gizzard from the birds, so it is Permissible. And another reason to differentiate between what is Permissible from the birds and what is Prohibited, are his (a.s.) words: ‘Eat whatever flaps its wings (to fly), and do not eat every one which spans it wings (to fly). And the rabbits are forbidden because it is at the status of the cat, and it has claws for it like the claws of the cat and the predatory animals. So there flows in her flowing, in itself and what happens from it, from the (flow of) blood, just as what happens from the women (menstruation), because it is metamorphosed’.