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Hadith #1

[1/217] غيبة الطوسي: باسناده عن عبدالله بن جعفر الحميري قال: كتب أبوالحسن العسكري عليه السلام إلى علي بن عمرو القزويني بخطه: إعتقد فيما تدين الله تعالى به أن الباطن عندي حسب ما أظهرت لك فيمن استنبأت عنه، وهو فارس لعنه الله فإنه ليس يسعك إلا الاجتهاد في لعنه، وقصده ومعاداته، والمبالغة في ذلك بأكثر ما تجد السبيل إليه ما كنت آمر أن يدان الله بأمر غير صحيح، فجد وشد في لعنه وهتكه، وقطع أسبابه، وصد أصحابنا عنه، وإبطال أمره وأبلغهم ذلك مني، واحكه لهم عني، وإني سائلكم بين يدي الله عن هذا الامر المؤكد، فويل للعاصي وللجاحد. وكتبت بخطي ليلة الثلاثاء لتسع ليال من شهر ربيع الاول سنة خمسين ومائتين، وأنا أتوكل على الله وأحمده كثيرا

1. [1/217] Ghayba of al-Tusi: Via his chain to Abdallah b. Ja`far al-Himyari who said: Abu al-Hasan al-Askari [al-Hadi] عليه السلام wrote to Ali b. Amr al-Qazwini in his own hand [the following]: Believe – as part of your religion through which you worship Allah the Elevated – that my true inner feelings for the one you questioned about, that is Faris may Allah curse him, are identical to that which I have manifested to you [i.e. they are not said in Taqiyya]. For nothing else behooves you apart from striving hard in cursing him, targetting him and treating him as an enemy. Intensify doing that as far as is possible for you to do. I could never order that Allah be worshipped through something which is not correct. So strain yourself and show firmness in cursing him, exposing him, disrupting his means, blocking our companions from him and nullifying his schemes. Convey this [stance of mine against him] to them [my companions] and source it on my authority. I will surely ask you in front of Allah about this issue. So woe be upon the disobedient and the opposer. I have written [this letter] in my own hand, being Tuesday night, nine nights having passed from the start of the month of Rabi al-Awwal, in the year two hundred and fifty. I depend on Allah and praise Him profusely.