Maʿānī al-ʾAkhbār > The meaning oF the one saving sect
Hadith #1

حدثنا أبو نصر محمد بن أحمد بن تميم السرخسي قال: حدثنا أبو لبيد محمد بن إدريس الشامي قال: حدثنا إسحاق بن إسرائيل قال: حدثنا عبد الرحمن بن محمد المحاربي قال: حدثنا الإفريقي، عن عبد الله بن يزيد، عن عبد الله بن عمر قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله سيأتي على أمتي ما أتى على بني إسرائيل مثل بمثل وإنهم تفرقوا على اثنين وسبعين ملة وستفترق أمتي على ثلاث وسبعين ملة تزيد عليهم واحدة كلها في النار غير واحدة. قال: قيل: يا رسول الله وما تلك الواحدة؟ قال هو: ما نحن عليه اليوم أنا وأصحابي.

1. We were told by Abu Nasr, Muhammed bin Ahmad bin Tamim al-Sarakhsi, that he said: We were told by Abu Lubaid, Muhammed bin Idrees al-Shami, that he said: We were told by Ishaq bin Isra’eel, that he said: We were told by Abdul-Rahman bin Muhammed al-Muharibi, that he said: We were told by al-Ifriqi, from Abdullah bin Yazid, from Abdullah bin Umar, that he said: The Messenger of Allah, Allah’s blessings be upon him and his Family, said: There will come upon my nation that which came upon the sons of Isra’eel, equal by equal. They were, indeed, divided into seventy-two sects, and my nation will be divided into seventy-three sects; they will add one above those. All of them are to be in the Fire, except for one. He said: It was said: O Messenger of Allah, and what is that one? He said: It is what we are upon today, me and my companions.