Maʿānī al-ʾAkhbār > The meaning of the saying of the Imams, peace be upon them: «Our narration is difficult and complicated»
Hadith #1

أبي رحمه الله - قال: حدثنا أحمد بن إدريس، عن الحسين بن عبد الله، عن محمد بن عيسى بن عبيد، عن بعض أهل المدائن قال: كتبت إلى أبي محمد عليه السلام: روي لنا عن آبائكم عليهم السلام أن حديثكم صعب مستصعب لا يحتمله ملك مقرب ولا نبي مرسل ولا مؤمن امتحن الله قلبه للايمان. قال: فجاءه الجواب: إنما معناه أن الملك لا يحتمله في جوفه حتى يخرجه إلى ملك مثله، ولا يحتمله نبي حتى يخرجه إلى نبي مثله، ولا يحتمله مؤمن حتى يخرجه إلى مؤمن مثله، إنما معناه أن لا يحتمله في قلبه من حلاوة ما هو في صدره حتى يخرجه إلى غيره.

1. My father, may Allah grant him mercy, said: We were told by Ahmad bin Idrees, from Hussain bin Abdullah, from Muhammed bin Isa bin ‘Ubaid, from one from the people of Mada’in, that he said: I wrote to Abu Muhammed, peace be upon him: It has been narrated to us from your fathers, peace be upon them, with regards to that your narration is difficult and complicated; that it is not endured by an Angel who is brought near (to Allah), nor a Prophet that is sent (with a Divine Message), nor a believer whom Allah has tested his heart with faith. He said: Then the answer came to him: Its meaning is only that the Angel does not endure that it remains inside him until he brings it out to an Angel like himself, nor does a Prophet endure it until he brings it out to a Prophet like himself, nor does a believer endure it until he brings it out to a believer like himself. Its meaning is only that it is not endured in the heart from the sweetness of what is one’s chest until one brings it out to someone else.