Al-Amālī > Give time to those in hardship
Hadith #1

7 - قال: حدثنا أبو بكر محمد بن عمر الجعابي قال: حدثنا أبو العباس أحمد بن محمد بن سعيد قال: حدثنا عبد الله بن خراش قال: حدثنا أحمد بن برد قال: حدثنا محمد بن جعفر بن محمد، عن أبيه جعفر بن محمد، عن أبيه محمد بن علي عليهم السلام، عن أبي لبابة بن عبد المنذر أنه جاء يتقاضى أبا اليسر دينا له عليه، فسمعه يقول: قولوا له: ليس هو هنا، فصاح أبو لبابة: يا أبا اليسر اخرج إلي، فخرج إليه، [قال:] فقال: ما حملك على هذا؟ قال: العسر يا أبا لبابة، قال: الله؟ قال: الله، قال أبو لبابة: سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله يقول: من أحب أن يستظل من فور جهنم ؟ قلنا: كلنا نحب ذلك يا رسول الله، قال: فلينظر غريما له أو فليدع المعسر .

7. He said: Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Umar al-Ji’abi, reported to me from Abul Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Saeed, who reported from Abdullah ibn Kharash, who reported from Ahmad ibn Bard, who reported from Muhammad ibn Ja’far ibn Muhammad, from his father, Ja’far ibn Muhammad, from his father Muhammad ibn ‘Ali, peace be upon them, from Lababah ibn Abd al-Munzar, that he went to collect his debt from Abu al-Yasar. He heard him say: "Tell him, he is not here." So Abu Lababah exclaimed: "O Abu Yasar, come out." He came out. Abu Lababah asked: "What makes you act like this?" He said: "Hardship, O Abu Lababah." Do you say that in the name of Allah?" Abu al-Yasar said: "Yes, by His name." Then Abu Lababah said: "I heard the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny ask: "Who likes to be sheltered from the outburst of hellfire?" We said: "All of us would like that, O messenger of Allah." He said: "Then he should give respite to his debtor - or he should redeem the financial difficulty."