Al-Amālī > What Isa (as) told his disciples
Hadith #1

43 - وبالإسناد الأول عن علي بن مهزيار، عن واصل بن سليمان، عن ابن سنان قال: سمعت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام يقول: كان المسيح عليه السلام يقول لأصحابه: إن كنتم أحبائي وإخواني فوطنوا أنفسكم على العداوة والبغضاء من الناس، فإن لم تفعلوا فلستم بإخواني، إنما أعلمكم لتعملوا ، ولا أعلمكم لتعجبوا. إنكم لن تنالوا ما تريدون إلا بترك ما تشتهون وبصبركم على ما تكرهون . وإياكم والنظرة فإنها تزرع في قلب صاحبها الشهوة، وكفى بها لصاحبها فتنة. يا طوبى لمن يرى بعينيه الشهوات، ولم يعمل بقلبه المعاصي. ما أبعد ما قد فات، [ما] أدنى ما هو آت! ويل للمغترين لو قد أزفهم ما يكرهون، وفارقهم ما يحبون، وجاءهم ما يوعدون، [و] في خلق هذا الليل والنهار معتبر. ويل لمن كانت الدنيا همه والخطايا عمله كيف يفتضح غدا عند ربه؟! ولا تكثروا الكلام في غير ذكر الله، فإن الذين يكثرون الكلام في غير ذكر الله قاسية قلوبهم ولكن لا يعلمون . لا تنظروا إلى عيوب الناس كأنكم رئايا عليهم ، ولكن انظروا في خلاص أنفسكم، فإنما أنتم عبيد مملوكون. إلى كم يسيل الماء على الجبل لا يلين؟! إلى كم تدرسون الحكمة لا يلين عليها قلوبكم؟! عبيد السوء فلا عبيد أتقياء ، ولا أحرار كرام، إنما مثلكم كمثل الدفلى يعجب بزهرها من يراها، ويقتل من طعمها، والسلام.

43. And with the former chains of narration from ‘Ali ibn Mahzyar, from Wasil ibn Sulaiman, from Ibn Sinan, who said: I heard Abu Abdillah, peace be upon him, say that Isa, peace be upon him, used to say to his disciples: "If you are my friends and my brothers, then prepare your minds to reconcile with all the hostility and hatred coming from people. If you are not so mentally prepared, then you are not my brothers. I teach you so that you may learn; and I do not teach you to please you. You will not attain your goal till you renounce your desires and by forbearance over that which you hate. I warn you against the evil glance, for it sows the seeds of lust in the heart of the beholder; and that is enough to tempt him. Blessed is he who beholds with his two eyes the tempting love of lust, but does not allow his heart to err. How far is that which one has missed; and how close is that which is to come! Woe unto those beguiled by vanity, should that which they loathe come to them too soon, and that which they love dearly depart, and that of which they had been warned arrive! Indeed, in the creation of these nights and days, there is a lesson. Woe unto him whose entire concern is about this world only, and whose deeds are all evil and sins. How will he stand exposed before his Sustainer tomorrow! And do not talk much about things other than remembering Allah! Surely, those who talk much other than remembering Allah, have their hearts hardened, but they do not know. Do not engage yourselves in looking into other people’s shortcomings and faults, as if you were their spies; instead, look into ways of freeing yourselves; for surely you are possessed slaves. How often does water flow on the mountain, but it does not soften? For how long have you studied words of wisdom, but your hearts do not soften for them? Slaves of the evil people and not of the pious! Nor are you liberated men of honour! Your example is that of oleander whose flower pleases the beholder, but its taste kills - Peace be with you."