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Hadith #1

13 - وبالإسناد الأول عن علي بن مهزيار، عن محمد بن إسماعيل، عن منصور بن يونس، عن أبي خالد القماط، عن أبي عبد الله جعفر بن محمد صلوات الله عليهما إنه قال: خطب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله يوم منى فقال: نضر الله عبدا سمع مقالتي فوعاها، وبلغها من لم يسمعها ، فكم حامل فقه غير فقيه، وكم من حامل فقه إلى من هو أفقه منه . ثلاثة لا يغل عليهن قلب عبد مسلم: إخلاص العمل لله ، والنصيحة لأئمة المسلمين ، واللزوم لجماعتهم ، فإن دعوتهم محيطة من ورائهم . المؤمنون إخوة، تتكافى دماؤهم، وهم يد على من سواهم ، يسعى بذمتهم أدناهم .

13. And with the preceding chains of narration, from ‘Ali ibn Mahzyar, from Muhammad ibn Ismail, from Mansur ibn Yunus, from Abu Khalid al-Qammat, from Abu Abdillah Ja’far ibn Muhammad, peace be upon both, that: The Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, addressed the people at Mina, saying: "May Allah bless the servant who heard my utterances and heeded them; and conveyed to those who had not heard them. How often a person carries knowledge without he himself being learned about it, and how often does a man carry knowledge to the one who knows better than him! There are three things over which a Mu’min’s heart will never commit a breach of the trust: Purifying the deeds solely for the sake of Allah; following the Imams of the Muslims faithfully and remaining steadfast in their groups. Their call itself protects them from all sides. The believers are brothers to each other, defending their blood; and they act as one, single hand against the enemies. And even the smallest of them tries best to fulfil his responsibility."