153. Three Intercede with God and Their Intercession Accepted

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3-197 حدثنا أبي رضي الله عنه قال: حدثنا عبد الله بن جعفر الحميري، عن هارون بن مسلم، عن مسعدة بن صدقة، عن جعفر بن محمد، عن أبيه، عن آبائه، عن علي عليهم السلام قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله: ثلاثة يشفعون إلى الله عز وجل فيشفعون: الانبياء، ثم العلماء، ثم الشهداء

3-197 (The compiler of the book narrated) that his father - may God be pleased with him - narrated that Abdullah ibn Ja’far al-Homayry, on the authority of Harun ibn Muslim, on the authority of Mus’adat ibn Sadaqah, on the authority of Ja’far ibn Muhammad (MGB), on the authority of his father (MGB), on the authority of his forefathers (MGB), on the authority of Ali (MGB) that God’s Prophet (MGB) said, “There are three groups who intercede on behalf of someone with the Honorable the Exalted God and their intercession will be accepted: the Prophets, then the scholars; and then the martyrs.”