101. The Two Main Causes of Going to Hell and the Two Main Causes of Going to Paradise

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2-126 أخبرني الخليل بن أحمد قال: أخبرنا ابن معاذ قال: حدثنا الحسين المروزي، قال: حدثنا محمد بن عبيد قال: حدثنا داود الاودي عن أبيه، عن أبي هريرة، عن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله قال: إن أول ما يدخل به النار من امتي الاجوفان، قالوا: يا رسول الله وما الاجوفان قال: الفرج والفم، وأكثر ما يدخل به الجنة تقوى الله وحسن الخلق

2-126 Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad narrated that Ibn Mu’az quoted on the authority of Al-Hussein al-Marvazy, on the authority of Muhammad ibn Ubayd, on the authority of Davood al-Awedi, on the authority of his father, on the authority of Abi Hurayrih that the Prophet (MGB) said, “The two main two reasons why some people from my nation will go to Hell are the two cavities.” The Prophet (MGB) was asked, “O Prophet of God! What do you mean by the two cavities?” The Prophet replied, “Stomach and sex.” The Prophet (MGB) added, “And the two main reasons for entry into Paradise are fearing God and having a good temper.”