Al-Khiṣāl > The Nation Will Divide Up Into Seventy-Two Sects
Hadith #1

24-10 حدثنا أبوأحمد محمد بن جعفر البندار الشافعي بفرغانة قال: حدثنا مجاهد ابن أعين بن داود قال: حدثنا محمد بن الفضل قال: حدثنا ابن لهيعة، عن سعيد بن أبي هلال، عن أنس بن مالك قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله:إن بني إسرائيل تفرقت على عيسى إحدى وسبعين فرقة فهلك سبعون فرقة وتخلص فرقة، وإن امتي ستفترق على اثنتين وسبعين فرقة يهلك إحدى وسبعون ويتخلص فرقة، قالوا: يا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله من تلك الفرقة؟ قال: الجماعة الجماعة الجماعةقال مصنف هذا الكتاب رضي الله عنه: الجماعة أهل الحق وإن قلوا، وقد روي عن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله أنه قال: " المؤمن وحده حجة، والمؤمن وحده جماعة ".

24-10 Abu Ahmad Muhammad ibn Ja’far al-Bandar al-Shafe’ee in Furqan narrated that Mujahid ibn A’ayn ibn Davood quoted Muhammad ibn al-Fazl, on the authority of Ibn Lahay’at, on the authority of Sa’id ibn Abi Hilal, on the authority of Anas ibn Malik that God’s Prophet (MGB) said, “After Jesus (MGB) the Children of Israel divided up into seventy-one sects. Seventy sects will be ruined and only one will be saved. My nation will divide up into seventy-two sects. Seventy-one sects will be ruined and only one sect will be saved.” They asked, “O Prophet of God! Who are the sect that will be saved?” The Prophet (MGB) replied, “The assembly.” And repeated it three times.The compiler of the book - may God be pleased with him - said, “What is meant by ‘the assembly’ here is the true men of God even though they may only be a few as it has been narrated on the authority of the Prophet (MGB) who said, ‘A believer is by himself a proof and a believer is by himself the assembly.’