Al-Khiṣāl > A Characteristic Having Which Will Result in God Saving You From the Fear of the Hereafter
Hadith #1

1-54 حدثنا أبي رضي الله عنه قال: حدثنا محمد بن يحيى العطار، عن محمد بن أحمد، عن حمزة بن يعلى يرفعه بإسناده قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله: من مقت نفسه دون مقت الناس آمنه الله من فزع يوم القيامة

1-54 (The compiler of the book narrated) that his father - may God be pleased with him - narrated that Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Attar quoted on the authority of Muhammad ibn Ahmad, on the authority of Hamzih ibn Ya’la who linked it up through documents to God’s Prophet (MGB) who said, “Whoever is the enemy of his own self rather than the people will be saved by God from the fear of the Resurrection Day.”