Al-Khiṣāl > The Nine Things Said By the Commander of the Faithful
Hadith #1

9-14 حدثنا أبومحمد الحسن بن حمزة العلوي رضي الله عنه قال: حدثني يوسف ابن محمد الطبري، عن سهل أبي عمر قال: حدثنا وكيع، عن زكريا بن أبي زائدة عن عامر الشعبي قال: تكلم أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام بتسع كلمات ارتجلهن ارتجالا، فقأن عيون البلاغة وأيتمن جواهر الحكمة، وقطعن جميع الانام عن اللحاق بواحدة منهن، ثلاث منها في المناجاة، وثلاث منها في الحكمة، وثلاث منها في الادب،وأمـا اللاتـي في الحكمة فقال: "قيمة كل امريء ما يحسنه، وما هلك امرءعرف قدره، والمرء مخبو تحت لسانه". وأما اللاتي في الادب فقال: "امنن على من شئت تكن أميره، واحتج إلى من شئت تكن أسيره، واستغن عمن شئت تكن نظيره". فأما اللاتي في المناجاة فقال: "إلهي كفى لي عزا أن أكون لك عبدا وكفى بي فخرا إن تكون لي ربا أنت كما احب فاجعلني كما تحب ".

9-14 Abu Muhammad al-Hassan ibn Hamzih al-Alavi - may God be pleased with him - narrated that Yusuf ibn Muhammad al-Tabary quoted Sahl abi Umar, on the authority of Vaki’a, on the authority of Zakariya ibn Abi Za’edeh, on the authority of Amer al-Sha’abi, “The Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (MGB) has said nine sayings which have amazed many eloquent ones. You wonder what jewels of wisdom are include in these pearls which none of the masters of eloquence could not even say some thing similar to them. Three of these are in the form of supplications; three are words of wisdom and the other three are about culture. The three words of wisdom are as follows: ‘The value of each person is based on whathe has learned. Whoever recognizes himself shall not be destroyed. Man is known by what he says.’ The three sayings which are about culture are: ‘Whoever treats someone well will become his master. You become a slave of whoever who you ask to fulfill your needs. You are equal to whoever you are not needy of.’ And the three which are in the form of supplications are as follows: ‘O My God! It is enough of an honor for me to worship Thee. It is enough of a source of pride for me to be nourished by You. You are just as I wish. Thus, make me just as perfect as you wish.’”