Report Hadith

Hadith to report:

My father (ra) narrated to us. He said: Sa`d b. `Abdullah narrated to us. He said: Muhammad b. al-Husayn b. Abu’l Khattab narrated to us from Nasr b. Mazahim al-Munqari from `Umar b. Sa`d from Abu Shu`ayb al-Taghlabi from Yahya b. Yaman from a leader of Banu Sulaym from their elders. They said: We invaded the cities of Rome and entered a church from their churches. We found written therein: Does the congregation that killed Husayn hope [for the] intercession of his grandfather on the Day of Reckoning? They said: So, we asked: Since when has this been in your church? They said: Three hundred years prior to the raising of your Prophet.