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Hadith to report:

Muhammad b. `Ali Majiluwayh (rh) said: `Ali b. Ibrahim narrated to us from his father from al Rayyan b. Shabib. He said: I came into the presence of al-Rida (as) on the first day of Muharram. He said to me: O son of Shabib! Are you fasting? I said: No. So, he said: Verily this day is the day on which Zakariyya (as) called upon his Lord. He said: “My Lord! Grant me good offspring from you; surely You are the Hearer of prayers” (3:38). So, Allah answered him and ordered the angels to call out to Zakariyya while he was standing in the prayer-niche, that “Surely, Allah gives you the glad-tidings of Yahya” (3:39). Whoever fasts this day and then calls out to Allah, Allah will respond to him like He responded to Zakariyya. Then he said: O son of Shabib! Muharram is the month in which the people of the Jahiliyya from the past would prohibit oppression and fighting due to its sanctity, but this Nation did not recognize the sanctity of its month nor the sanctity of its Prophet (s). They killed his offspring in this month and captured his women and plundered his provisions. So, Allah will not forgive them of that, ever. O son of Shabib! If you were to cry over anything, then cry over Husayn b. `Ali b. Abi Talib (as), for he was slaughtered like the ram is slaughtered. Eighteen men from the people of his house, the like of whom are not to be found on the earth, were murdered with him. The seven heavens and the Earths wailed over his killing. Four thousand angels descended toward the Earth, but they found that he had been murdered. So, they shall remain dishevelled and dusty till the Qa’im rises; then they will be from his helpers. And their slogan is: “Vengeance for the blood of Husayn!” O son of Shabib! My father narrated to me from his father from his grandfather (as): Surely, when my grandfather Husayn (s) was killed, the sky rained down blood and red dust. O son of Shabib! If you wept over Husayn (as) to the extent that your tears came onto your cheeks, Allah will forgive all of your sins which you have committed, minor or major, little or excessive. O son of Shabib! If you take pleasure in meeting Allah while there is no sin over you, then visit Husayn (as). O son of Shabib! If you take pleasure in residing in the erected chamber in Paradise along with the Prophet and his progeny (s), then curse the murderer of Husayn. O son of Shabib! If you take pleasure in having a like of the reward of the one who was martyred with Husayn (as), then whenever you mention him, say: “How I wish I was with them! I would have attained a great victory!” O son of Shabib! If you take pleasure in being with us in the highest stages of the Gardens, then grieve over our sorrow and be happy in our happiness. And, you must keep to our wilaya, for surely, were a man to befriend a stone, Allah will raise him with it on the Day of Resurrection.