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Hadith to report:

411. A number of our companions, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Khalid, from Muhammad Bin Ali, from Hafs Bin Aasim, from Sayf Al-tammaar, from Abu Al-Murhaf, who has narrated the following: Abu Ja’far (asws) said: The dust will be upon the one who raises it. Destroyed are the ‘الْمَحَاضِيرُ’ Mahazeyr!’ I said, ‘May I be sacrificed for you (asws), and who are the Mahazeyr?’ He (asws) said: ‘The hasty ones. But, they do not want anyone except for the one who duels with them’. Then (Imam (asws)) said: ‘O Abu Al-Murhaf, if they want you to suffer a calamity, Allah (azwj) will Grab them by some kind of entanglement’. Then Abu Ja’far (asws) tapped on the ground, then said: ‘O Abu Al-Murhaf!’ I said, ‘Here I am (to obey)!’ He (asws) said: ‘Do you see a people who have restricted themselves for the sake of Allah (azwj) that He (azwj) will not Make a way out for them? Yes, by Allah (azwj), He (azwj) will (always) Make a way out for them’.