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Hadith to report:

246. Muhammad Bin Yahya, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Isa, from Al-Hassan Bin Mahboub, from hashaam Bin Saalim, from Ammaar Al-saabaty who said: I asked Abu Abdullah (asws) about the Statement of Allah (azwj) the High: “[39:8] And when distress afflicts a man he calls upon his Lord turning to Him frequently”, he (asws) said: ‘This was Revealed regarding Abu Al-Faseyl, who used to consider the Rasool Allah (saww) as a sorcerer. And when distress afflicted him, meaning illness, he would call upon his Lord (azwj), turning to Him (azwj) frequently, meaning penitently to Him (azwj), from what he used to say with regards to the Rasool Allah (saww). “then when He makes him possess a favour from Him,” meaning the restoration of health, “he forgets that for which he called upon Him before,” meaning his asking for Forgiveness to Allah (azwj) from what he used to say regarding the Rasool Allah (saww) that he (saww) was a sorcerer, and that is the Statement of Allah (azwj) mighty and Majestic “Say: Enjoy yourself in your ungratefulness a little, surely you are of the inmates of the fire”, meaning your influence which you have over the people with any right from Allah (azwj) Mighty and Majestic or from His (azwj) Messenger (saww)’. He (the narrator) said: ‘Then Abu Abdullah (asws) said: ‘Then Allah (azwj) Mighty and Majestic Spoke Sympathetically with regards to Ali (asws) Informing him (asws) of his (asws) situation, and his (asws) merits in the Presence of Allah (azwj) Blessed and High. So He (azwj) Said: “[39:9] What! he who is obedient during hours of the night, prostrating himself and standing, takes care of the hereafter and hopes for the mercy of his Lord! Say: Are those who know that Muhammad is the Rasool Allah (saww), and those who do not know (saying) that Muhammad (saww) is a lying sorcerer alike? Only the men of understanding are mindful”. Then Abu Abdullah (asws) said: ‘This is its explanation, O Ammar’.