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Hadith to report:

1. Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ibn Ahmad al-Walid (RA) said: Muhammad ibn al-Hasan alSaffar, on the authority of `Ali ibn Isma`il, on the authority of Hammad ibn `Isa, on the authority of Ibrahim ibn `Umar al-Yamani, on the authority of Abu al-Tafayl, on the authority of Abu Ja`far that `Ali ibn al-Husayn (AS) said: Verily, Allah, the Mighty and High, created the Throne in quarters. He did not create anything before except three things: the Air, the Pen, and the Light. Then He created the Throne from different lights: then from the Light, He created green light that made greenness, yellow light that made yellowness, red light that made redness, and white light, which is the light of all lights from which is made day light. He then made the Throne of seventy thousand thick layers. Each layer is like the first throne to the lower one. There is not a throne that does not exalt and glorify its Lord with praise with different sounds, and in different language. The sounds of the tongues are so loud that if He wished them to be heard, they would destroy the mountains, cities, and strongholds of the earth; the oceans would overtake the land, destroying everything but itself. The Throne has eight pillars. Each pillar has angels whose numbers is unknown to all but Allah, the Mighty and High, and who exalt Him day and night without subsiding. If anything were sensed of it, but what is above it, it will not stand for the blink of an eye between it, and the sense of the omnipotence, the magnificence, the sublimity, the glorification, the mercy, and then the knowledge. And there is no word to describe what exists beyond this.