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Hadith to report:

8. He said: Abul Hasan ‘Ali ibn Malik al-Nahwi reported to me from Muhammad ibn al-Fadhl, by his former chain of narrations till al-Asmaee’, from Isa ibn Amru, who said: A man once sought help from Abu Amru ibn al-Ala’ for his needs and Abu Amru promised him. But then, it became impossible for Abu Amru to fulfil the promise. Later, when the man met him, he said: "O Abu Amru, you promised me something, but never fulfilled it!’ Abu Amru said: "Who do you think deserves to be sorry about it, you or I?" The man said: "I deserve." Abu Amru said: "No, by Allah, I deserve it." The man asked: "Why is that so?" Abu Amru said: "Well, I made a promise to you; so you went away happy with the hope and I remained worried about its fulfillment. Surely, you must have slept that night peacefully and with delight while I spent the night, thoughtful and anxious. Then the circumstances prevented me from reaching my intention, so you meet me while I am ashamed and I meet you totally humbled."