Report Hadith

Hadith to report:

9-20 (The compiler of the book narrated) that his father - may God be pleased with him - narrated that Sa’ed ibn Abdullah quoted Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Isa, on the authority of Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Nasr al-Bazanty, on the authority of Jameel, “I asked Abdullah as-Sadiq (MGB) about how many items require alms-tax. The Imam (MGB) said, “Nine things require alms-tax which God’s Prophet (MGB) has established. He (MGB) has forgiven tax on other things.” One of those present called al-Tayyar said, “We plant some thing which we call rice.” The Imam (MGB) said, “We plant a lot of things, too.” He asked, “Is there any alms-tax on rice?” The Imam (MGB) said, “Did I not say that God’s Prophet (MGB) has forgiven tax on anything else. These nine things include gold and silver. They also include three animals that are camels, sheep and cows. The rest are from things which grow on the Earth and are wheat, barley, raisins and dates.”