Report Hadith

Hadith to report:

5. A number of our people have narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from al-Barqiy, from Muhammad ibn Aslam al-Jabaliy from Sabbah al-Hadhdha’ from Ishaq ibn ‘Ammar who has said the following: “I once asked abu al-Hassan, ‘Alayhi al-Salam, about the case of a people who are on a journey. When they arrived at the place where they were required to perform their Salah (prayer) in a reduced form, they reduced their Salah (prayer). After traveling two, three, or four farsakh, one of them without whom their journey could not be done remained behind. They waited for his arrival. Without him their journey was not possible. They stayed there for many days without knowing to go forward or return. Are they required to perform their Salah (prayer) complete or reduce it?’ He (the Imam) said, ‘If they have traveled four farsakh they reduce their Salah (prayer), regardless, they stay there or return. If they have traveled less than four farsakh, they perform their Salah (prayer) complete, regardless, they stay there or return.”’