Report Hadith

Hadith to report:

1. Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Husayn from ‘Abd al- Rahman ibn abu Hashim from Salim who has said the following: “Abu ‘Abd Allah, ‘Alayhi al-Salam, has said that every gravesite speaks three times every day, ‘I am the house of soil, I am the house of misfortune and I am the house of worms.’ The Imam then said, ‘When a believing person enters the grave it says, “You are most welcome. By Allah I loved you when you walked on me. Why then should I not love you when you are inside of me? You will see what I can do for you.” His grave opens for him as far as he can see and a door for him opens to paradise where he can see his seat. There-from a man comes out, the like of whom in beauty he had never seen before, and he asks, “Who are you, O servant of Allah? I have never seen before anyone more beautiful than you.” He will reply, “I am your good opinion that you possessed and your good deeds that you performed.”’ The Imam then said, ‘Then his spirit or soul is taken to be placed in paradise where he had seen his dwelling and it is said to him, “Rest here to the delight of your eyes.” Then he continues feeling the joy and fragrance of the breeze from paradise with his body until he is resurrected.’ The Imam then said, ‘When an unbeliever enters the grave, it says, “You are not welcome at all. By Allah, I hated you when you walked on me and it is more so now that you are inside of me, and you will see how much I hate you.’” The Imam then said, ‘The grave then applies a huge pressure upon him and turns him into ashes. Then he turns back into his form as before. Then it opens a door for him to the fire where he observes his seat therein.’ The Imam then said, ‘Thereafter a man comes out to him, the like of whom in ugliness he had never seen before.’ The Imam also said that he then asks, ‘Who are you, O servant of Allah? I have never seen anyone uglier than you.’ He replies, ‘I am your evil deeds that you performed and your filthy opinion.’ The Imam then said, ‘His soul is then taken to be placed where he had observed his seat in the fire. Thereafter blows of fire continue striking his body that feels the pain and heat thereof until the Day of Resurrection. Allah will allow ninety-nine very poisonous serpents to bite him. If any of them may blow to the earth, nothing can grow therein.’”