Kitāb al-Zuhd has been added to the library

Another book by Ḥusayn b. Saʿīd al-Ahwāzī has been added to the library, his Kitāb al-Zuhd containing 290 tradditions. The book contains traditions related to the topic of Zuhd, in the science of ethics (ʿilm al-akhlāq), al-zuhd is defined as being unattached to the material world, its possessions and its delights. As a trait commonly found in all the Prophets, friends (awliyāʾ) of Allah, and righteous believers, al-zuhd is a sign of piety and Godwariness. The translation was completed by Shaykh Tahir Ridha Jaffer and published by Ansariyan Publications.