Kitāb al-Ghayba > Reports of the Emissaries of Imam (a.s) during the period of occultation
Hadith #1

وقبل ذكر من كان سفيرا حال الغيبة نذكر طرفا من أخبار من كان يختص بكل إمام، ويتولى له الامر على وجه من الايجاز، ونذكر من كان ممدوحا منهم حسن الطريقة، ومن كان مذموما سيئ المذهب ليعرف الحال في ذلك.

Before we begin discussion about the Special Deputies of the Imam during the period of occultation, we would mention some reports in brief, which are restricted to each of the Imams and which are related to the management of their affairs. In the same way, we will also mention reports about those who were praised and who followed the right path as well as those who were condemned and who did not follow a right faith, so that we may become conversant with the circumstances of their lives.