5. Water of the Euphrates (Al-Furat)

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- عنه، عن عثمان بن عيسى، رفعه قال: قال أمير المؤمنين (ع): إن نهركم يصب فيه ميزابان من ميازيب الجنة. وقال أبو عبد الله (ع): لو كان بينى وبينه أميال لاتيناه نستشفي به.

1. From him, from Usman Bin Isa, raising it, said, ‘Amir Al-Momineen (a.s.) said: ‘Your river (Euphrates) has been struck by two channels (of water) from the channels of the Paradise’. And Abu Abdullah (a.s.) said: ‘Even if there were miles in between me (a.s.) and it (Al-Furat), I (a.s.) would have come to it in order for us to be healed by (drinking) it’.