12. Such regarding what was in my possession from a copy of Al-Mahaasin

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- عنه، عن ابن محبوب، عن يونس بن يعقوب، قال: حدثنى سيف الطحان، قال: كنت عند أبى عبد الله (ع) وعنده رجل من قريش، فاستسقى أبو عبد الله (ع) فصب الغلام في قدح، فشرب وأنا إلى جنبه، فناولني فضلته في القدح فشربتها، ثم قال: يا غلام صب فصب الغلام وناول القرشى.

1. From him, from Ibn Mahboub, from Yunus Bin Yaqoub who said, ‘Sayf Al Tahaan narrated to me saying, ‘I was in the presence of Abu Abdullah (a.s.), and in his (a.s.) presence was also a man from Qureysh. Abu Abdullah (a.s.) asked for water, so the boy poured it in a mug. So he (a.s.) drank, and I was by his (a.s.) side. He (a.s.) gave me the remainder of what was in the mug, so I drank it. Then he (a.s.) said: ‘O boy! Pour’. So the boy poured, and he (a.s.) gave it to the Qureyshi man’.

عنه، عنه أبيه، عن أحمد بن النضر، عن عمرو بن أبى المقدام، قال: رأيت أبا - جعفر (ع) وهو يشرب في قدح من خزف.

2. From him, from his father, from Ahmad Bin Al Nazar, from Amro Bin Abu Al Maqdam who said, ‘I saw Abu Ja’far (a.s.) and he (a.s.) was drinking in a ceramic mug’.