54. Such regarding what was in my possession from a copy of Al Mahaasin

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- عنه عن جعفر بن محمد الاشعري، عن ابن القداح، عن أبى عبد الله (ع) عن أبيه (ع) أنه كان يكره تقشير الثمرة.

1. From him, from Ja’far Bin Muhammad Al Shary, from Ibn Al Qadah, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (a.s.), from his (a.s.) father (a.s.), that he (a.s.) used to dislike to peeling the fruit’.

عنه، عن حسين بن منذر، عمن ذكره، عن فرات بن أحنف قال: إن لكل ثمرة سماما فإذا أتيتم بها فأمسوها الماء، أو اغمسوها في الماء (يعنى اغسلوها).

2. From him, from Husayn Bin Manzar, from the one who mentioned it, from Furat Bin Ahnaf who said, ‘For every fruit there is a hole, so when you come to it, wipe it with the water, or immerse it in the water’ (meaning wash it)’.

عنه، عن عثمان بن عيسى، عن أبى أيوب، عن أبى عبد الله (ع) قال: شيئان يؤكلان باليدين جميعا، العنب، والرمان.

3. From him, from Usman Bin Isa, from Abu Ayoub, Abu Abdullah (a.s.) has said: ‘Two things which are eaten by the two hands together, the grapes and the pomegranate’.