19. The Chickpeas

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- عنه، عن أحمد بن أبى نصر، عن أبى الحسن الرضا (ع) قال: الحمص جيد لوجع الظهر، وكان يدعو به قبل الطعام وبعده.

1. From him, from Ahmad Bin Abu Nasr, (It has been narrated) from Abu Al-Hassan Al-Ridha (a.s.) having said: ‘The chickpeas is good for the back ache’ - and he (a.s.) used to call for it before the food and after it’.

عنه، عن نوح بن شعيب، عن نادر الخادم، قال: كان أبو الحسن الرضا (ع) يأكل الحمص المطبوخ قبل الطعام وبعده.

2. From him, from Nuh Bin Shuayb, from Nadir Al Khadam who said, ‘Abu Al-Hassan Al-Ridha (a.s.) used to eat the cooked chickpeas before the food and after it’.

عنه، عن بعض أصحابنا، عن ابن أبى عمير، عن معاوية بن عمار، قال: قلت لابي عبد الله (ع): إن الناس يروون أن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله قال: " إن العدس بارك عليه سبعون نبيا " قال: هو الذى تسمونه عندكم الحمص، ونحن نسميه العدس.

3. From him, from one of our companions, from Ibn Abu Umeyr, from Muawiya Bin Amaar who said, ‘I said to Abu Abdullah (a.s.), ‘The people are reporting that the Prophet (saww) of Allah (azwj) said that the lentils have been Blessed upon by seventy Prophets (as)’. He (a.s.) said: ‘It is that which has been named among you as the chickpeas, and we (a.s.) call it the lentils’.

عنه، عن أبيه، عن فضالة بن أيوب، عن رفاعة بن موسى، قال: سمعت أبا - عبد الله (ع) يقول: إن الله لما عافى أيوب (ع) نظر إلى بنى إسرائيل قد ازدرعت، فرفع طرفه إلى السماء فقال: الهى وسيدي أيوب عبدك المبتلى الذى عافيته، ولم يزدرع شيئا، وهذا لبنى إسرائيل زرع، فأوحى الله يا أيوب خذ من سبحتك أكفا فابذره، وكانت لايوب سبحة فيها ملح فأخذ أيوب أكفا منها، فبذره، فخرج هذا العدس، وأنتم تسمونه الحمص، ونحن نسميه العدس.

4. From him, from his father, from Fazalat Bin Ayoub, from Rafa’at Bin Musa who said, ‘I heard Abu Abdullah (a.s.) saying: ‘When Allah (saww) Restored the health of Ayoub (as), he (as) looked towards the Children of Israel who had cultivated. So he (as) raised his (as) eyes towards the sky and said: ‘My (as) God (azwj), and my (as) Master (azwj)! Ayoub (as) is Your (azwj) afflicted servant whom (as) You (azwj) Restored to health, and he (as) did not (plant) anything, and these are the Children of Israel who have plantations’. So Allah (azwj) Revealed: “O Ayoub (as)! Take some seed from around you (as) and inseminate them”. There was an area in which was salt, so Ayoub (as) took some seeds and inseminated them, and there came out from these, the lentils. And you all are calling it al-Humus, and we are calling it as the lentils’.