63. Meat of the camel

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- عنه، عن على بن الحكم عن داود الرقى، قال: كتبت إلى أبى الحسن (ع) أسأله عن لحوم البخت وألبانهن، فكتب: لا بأس.

1. From him, from Ali Bin Al Hakam, from Dawood Al Raqy who said, ‘I wrote to Abu Al-Hassan (a.s.) asking him (a.s.) about the meats of the humps (of the camels) and their milk. So he (a.s.) wrote back: ‘There is no problem’.

عنه، عن السيارى رفعه، قال: أكل لحم الجزور يذهب بالقرم، وفى حديث آخر مروى قال: من تمام حب الاسلام حب لحم الجزور

2. From him, from Al Yasary, raising it, said, ‘Eating the meat of ‘Al-Jazour’ (Sacrificial camel) takes away Al-Qaram (a fever)’. And in another Hadeeth, it is reported, the Imam (a.s.) said: ‘From completion of the love of Al-Islam is love for the meat of Al-Jazour’.