38. Congratulating the marchers

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- عنه، قال حدثنى أبى مرسلا، عن أبى عبد الله (ع)، عن آبائه (ع) أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله كان يقول للقادم من مكة، " تقبل الله منك وأخلف عليك نفقتك، وغفر ذنبك ".

1. From him, from Abu Mursala, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (a.s.), from his (a.s.) forefathers (a.s.) having said: ‘Rasool-Allah (saww) used to say to the walkers from Makkah: ‘May Allah (azwj) Accept from you, and Give you back your expenses, and Forgive your sins’.