22. What the traveller should carry from the weapons and the tools

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- عنه، عن القاسم بن محمد، عن سليمان بن داود المنقرى عن حماد بن عيسى، عن أبى عبد الله (ع) في وصية لقمان لابنه " يا بنى سافر بسيفك وخفك وعمامتك و خبائك وسقائك وإبرتك وخيوطك ومخرزك، وتزود معك الادوية تنتفع بها أنت ومن معك، وكن لاصحابك موافقا مرافقا إلا في معصية الله. (وزاد فيه بعضهم " وقوسك ").

1. From him, from Al Qasim Bin Muhammad, from Suleyman Bin Dawood Al Manqary, from Hamaad Bin Isa, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (a.s.) in a bequest of Luqman (as) to his (as) son: ‘O my (as) son! Travel with your sword, and your shoes, and your turban, and your tent, and your water container, and your needle and your thread, and your shoe-repair kit, and take medicines with you which can benefit you and the one with you, and select your companion, (who is) compatible and friendly, except in the disobedience of Allah ’. (And some of them have an addition (in the text of the Hadeeth), ‘and your bow’.