19. Conservation of the expenditure during the journey

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- عنه، عن أحمد بن محمد بن أبى نصر، عن صفوان الجمال، قال: قلت لابي - عبد الله (ع): إن معى أهلى وأنا أريد الحج أشد نفقتى في حقوتى؟ - قال: نعم، إن أبى كان يقول: من قوة المسافر حفظ نفقته.

1. From him, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Abu Nasr, from Safwan Al Jamaal who said, ‘I said to Abu Abdullah (a.s.), ‘With me is my family, and I intend the Hajj, shall I be harder (cutback) with my expenses with regards to my purchasing?’ The Imam (a.s.) said: ‘Yes. My (a.s.) father (a.s.) was saying: ‘The strength of the traveller is in the savings of expenses’.

عنه، عن بعض أصحابه، عن على بن أسباط، عن عمه يعقوب بن سالم قال: قلت لابي عبد الله (ع): يكون معى الدراهم فيها تماثيل وأنا محرم فأجعلها في هميانى وأشده في وسطى؟ - قال: لا بأس، أو ليس نفقتك تعينك بعمل الله؟!.

2. From him, from one of his companions, from Ali Bin Asbaat, from his uncle Yaqoub Bin Saalim who said, ‘I said to Abu Abdullah (a.s.), ‘There happen to me Dirhams in which are images, and I am in Ihraam, so shall I make these to be in my ‘Himyaan’ and tighten it to my middle (waist)?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘There is no problem, or is not your expenditure helping you with the work of Allah !?’