67. Punishment for the self-conceitedness

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عنه، عن ابن سنان، عن العلاء، عن خالد الصيقل، عن أبي جعفر عليه السلام، قال: ان الله فوض الامر إلى ملك من الملائكة، فخلق سبع سماوات وسبع أرضين، فلما رأى أن الاشياء قد انقادت له، قال: من مثلى؟ فأرسل الله إليه نويرة من النار. قلت: وما النويرة؟ - قال: نار مثل الانملة فاستقبلها بجميع ما خلق، فتخبل لذلك حتى وصلت إلى نفسه لما ان دخله العجب .

1. From him, from Ibn Sinan, from Al A’la, from Khalid Al Sayqal, (It has been narrated) from Abu Ja’far (a.s.) having said: ‘Allah Delegated the Command to an Angel from the Angels. So he Created the seven skies and the firmaments. So when he saw the things to have submitted to him, he said, ‘Who is like me?’ So Allah Sent to it a ‘Nuweyra from the Fire’. I said, ‘And what is the ‘Nuweyra’?’ He (a.s.) said: ‘A Fire similar to the fingertip, so it met all that had been created. So it stupefied him until it came to himself as to what had occurred to him of the self-conceitedness’.