5. Punishment of the one who Prays whilst he is with the urine or faeces

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عنه، عن محمد بن علي، عن عيسى بن عبد الله العمرى، عن أبيه، عن جده، عن علي بن أبي طالب صلوات الله عليه، عن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله، قال: لا يصلي أحدكم وبه أحد العصرين يعنى البول والغائط.

1. From him, from Muhammad Bin Ali, from Isa Bin Abdullah Al Amry, from his father, from his grandfather, (It has been narrated) from Ali (a.s.) Bin Abu Talib (a.s.), from the Prophet (saww) having said: ‘No one of you should Pray when he is with one of the two ‘Asarayn’ meaning the urine and the faeces’.

وعنه، عن البرقى أبيه، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن هشام بن الحكم، عن أبي - عبد الله عليه السلام، قال: لا صلوة لحاقن وحاقنة وهو بمنزلة من هو في ثوبه.

2. And from him, from Al Barqy, from his father, from Ibn Abu Umeyr, from Hisham Bin Al Hakam, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (a.s.) having said: ‘There is no Salat for the one who excretes and is excreting whilst he is wearing his clothes’.