91. Reward for the one who arrives early for the Hajj and the Umrah, or included in Hajj with the Reward of the Ihraam

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عنه، عن الحسن بن علي الوشاء، عن المثنى بن راشد الحناط، عن أبي بصير، عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام، قال: ان المسلم إذا خرج إلى هذا الوجه يحفظ الله عليه نفسه وأهله، حتى إذا انتهى إلى المكان الذي يحرم فيه، وكل ملكان يكتبان له أثره ويضربان على منكبه ويقولان: أما ما مضى فقد غفر لك ذلك، فاستأنف العمل.

1. From him, from Al Hassan Bin Ali Al Washa, from Al Masny Bin Rashid Al Hanaat, from Abu Baseer, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (a.s.) having said: ‘When the Muslim goes out to this direction (Hajj), Allah (azwj) Protects him and his family, until when he ends up to the place in which he wears the Ihraam, two Angels get Allocated to him, to follow him, and they strike him upon his shoulder and say: ‘As for what is past, so that has been Forgiven for you, therefore resume the (good) deeds’.