79. The Reward (Recompense) of the one who dies without the Wilayah of the Progeny (asws) of Muhammad (saww)

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عنه، عن القاسم بن يحيى، عن عبيس، عن جعفر العبدي، عن أبي سعيد الخدري، قال: سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله يقول: لو أن عبدا عبد الله ألف عام ما بين الركن والمقام، ثم ذبح كما يذبح الكبش مظلوما لبعثه الله مع النفر الذين يقتدى بهم وبهداهم ويسير بسيرتهم، ان جنة فجنة وان نارا فنار.

1. From him, from Al Qasim Bin Yahya, from Ubeys, from Ja’far Al Abady, from Abu Saeed Al Khudry who said, ‘I heard Rasool-Allah (saww) saying: ‘Even if a servant were to worship for a thousand years in between Al-Rukn and Al-Maqaam (by the Kabah), then is slaughter just as the sheep is slaughtered as an oppressed one, Allah (azwj) would Resurrect him with the persons whom he followed by their guidance and walked upon their ways if to the Paradise, so to the Paradise, and if Fire, so to the Fire’.